New At Noon
This one could save your marriage.  It's the Illumibowl lighted toilet seat.  Yup, it's a night light for your toilet seat so you will never have any late night misses ever again!  Your bathroom will never be the same.
Brilliant Idea
I really enjoy mowing my lawn. You wouldn't know it though because I rarely have time to do it. It can really be a tedious chore for some people. This person invented a way to have your lawn mowed and not even have to physically walk the mower around the yard.
bill gates condom?
The man is never stopping. But who would have thought he would have gone from building the best computer in the world to world's best condom.
This Could Be The Best Invention In Years….[VIDEO]
This video had to be posted for all you early risers who need their coffee fix!  It is a new invention called the "Coffee Faucet"..(I believe) and it's made by a group called Top Brewer.  After seeing this video you will want one built into your kitchen.  Honest…
[Video] Are We, As Americans, Too Lazy To Squirt Our Own Ketchup?
Remember the good ole days when people used to get up to turn the TV channel, cook a meal on the stove (as opposed to the microwave) and manually put condiments on hot dogs!!   Man, I remember...I remember.  This video takes American laziness to the next level.....Check it.....