Avoid a Ticket
Kayaking has become incredibly popular in Buffalo. With the expansion of activity on the waterfront, people are hitting the water to keep cool and see the city from a different angle. But know the rules before you get into any watercraft.
Kayaking Through Buffalo's Silo City [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
It was voted the "Top Activity To Do On The Waterfront" by you! Kayaking! Why is it so popular near Canalside and the Buffalo river? Because it's fun! You can be smack dab in the middle of nature or next the bustling Canalside and Riverworks...
Hilarious Kayak Fail
There is a billboard on the 190 advising people to never kayak alone! That is obviously a smart move and while it may be for safety reasons... it's also because if you're alone who will record your melt down? LOL
5 Rules You Need to Know Before Visiting New York
From the flashy lights and tall buildings of New York City, to the fresh mountain air of the Adirondacks - New York has a lot to offer its visitors. There are a few things visitors should keep in mind however, when heading to the Empire State.
Meet Max
Meet Max.  Max is going kayaking with his friend Sarah.  That is, until his kayak begins to sink.  Then Max becomes a bigger puddle than the lake he is treading water in.  I'm pretty sure it's a good thing that survival of the fittest isn't going to apply to this g…