Woman With Rare Condition Can't Hear Men's Voices
This woman woke up one morning and found out that that she cannot hear men.
She has a rare hearing damage condition that prevents to her from hearing low frequency sounds. Chen woke up one morning with a ringing in her ears and when she tried talking to her boyfriend about it, she couldn't hear …
WATCH: The World’s Biggest Hernia Ever [VIDEO]
If you know anyone that's ever had a hernia-you know they hurt--bad!
Glenn Williams recently had surgery for his giant hernia. The huge football sized hernia in his stomach caused huge pains, but after 2 years he finally got an operation and treatment to get it fixed and repaired by specialist s…
10 Best Dog Breeds For Single Guys
When you're a single dude -- no matter how popular you are with the ladies -- there will always be downtime.  When your female companions are busy with work, need to head home, do some wash, or are just sick of being referred to as “friends with benefits,” you may find yourse…

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