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To Her Husband
This is great.
Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood's husband, reached his 1,000 NHL game yesterday (Tuesday), which not too many NHL players can accomplish. So congratulations was in order, and his music friends and hockey friends all pitched in to make him a video...
Carrie Underwood Reveals Pic
Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher have finally released the first picture of their baby, Isaiah Michael!
Carrie shared the first sneak peek of her baby's hand a week after he was born on February 27 on Instagram!
The Predators are in the playoffs...
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Isaiah Michael Fisher Is Here!
We've been waiting for what seems like forever to hear news about Carrie Underwood's new baby.  We've watched the baby bump grow and heard her talk about her love of pregnancy and now the special moment is here.  Congratulations to Carrie and Mike on their new baby boy!
Carrie Is Pregnant!
Carrie Underwood has announced that she is going to be a mother and what better day to announce it than, Labor Day of course! The couple just returned from a little vacation at the beach and waited until today to share that Carrie Underwood is pregnant...
An Unwanted Guest
One time, a squirrel got in my house through the chimney, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Like, jumped-on-couch-tried-not-to-scream-while-a-rodent-is-running-around-the-kitchen kind of heart attack.
Carrie Loses "Purse Holder"
Carrie Underwood is going to have to either stop bringing her purse to awards shows or else she's going to have to get someone else to hold it for her.  She took to Twitter this week to express that she will miss her "purse holder."

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