Mother's day

How Much Is YOUR Mom Worth?
It's hard to put a price on the work that a mom does.  With all the jobs involved with being a mom, if you separated every job and put a salary with it, what would you have to pay a mom to do the work she does? is giving it a shot though.
Mother's Day Fibs
As we plan for Mother's Day this Sunday we wondered how many times moms have told white lies to their kids.  "The car won't move until everybody has their seatbelt on."  "If you play your Nintendo too long it'll burn up and you'll never b…
#SorryMom Confessions
Sunday was another Mother's Day that kids really took time to appreciate their mothers. It was also time to confess some of the things that they never wanted them to know or find out. #SorryMom trended yesterday all over Twitter and some of them were hysterical...
Mom's Touching Letter
Yesterday was a time we took to spend, reflect and remember our mothers and all that they have done for us but, one lady made sure she took time to realize that it's about both you AND mom.
Blogger Kate Schweitzer wrote the touching letter yesterday that she intends on giving her baby boy some d…
Solders Reunite With Moms
This is a sweet video that will bring tears to your eyes! In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday May, 10th - Watch Soldiers Reunite with their moms!
Today, we honor those who served.Watch these soldiers reunite with their moms and have yourself a good cry...
What Does "Mother" Mean?
With Mother's Day coming up we're all looking for that special way to tell our mom just how much she means to us. Sometimes those tangible things just can't do it. Flowers, jewelry... you name can we elevate it? Well, just watch this video and you'll be in tears thinking…
Songs For Mom
Mother's Day is this Sunday May, 10th so I thought I'd track down songs about mom.  Some are sweet, some maybe not so sweet.  Either way, mom gets a tribute in song/video right here!
Mother’s Day Brunch Locations in Buffalo
Mother's Day (May 10, 2015), is the one day a year to treat your mother like the queen she is/thinks she is. And as cute as it might be, we suggest skipping "breakfast in bed" this year. Turns out, moms don't like cleaning up pancake batter and doing the dishes on this da…
Secret Weapon
The Band Perry has a secret weapon that's contributed to their massive success. It's the woman who brought them into this world, and who still cheers them on to this day: their mom.

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