Noah Ritter

Apparently Kid Is Back
Noah Ritter has become quite a star...he might be getting a little more than 15 minutes! Ellen invited him back to the show to talk about his trip to "Walking With Dinosaurs" and more!
Full unedited interview, if you have time! It's hysterical...
Apparently Kid
Just give this kid a mic and let him go and you'll be entertained for hours! Noah, known as the "Apparently Kid" finally made it to the big time and it was worth the wait! The Ellen DeGeneres Show began it's new season and I bet they couldn't wait to have Noah on...
Adorable Interview
County fairs are a lot of fun for kids and adults. Take, for instance, this little boy who apparently is nervous about being on live television for the very first time. Meet Noah Ritter from Wilkes Barre. I don't think it'll be the last time you see him.