Keith Takes on NYC
I was jealous when Keith Kelly told me he was heading to NYC for the day but being the nice guy that he is, Keith has shared photos from his amazing trip to the big apple!
The holidays may be the best time to head to the big city - the Christmas tree in times square, all the decorations including Mac…
It's Amy Poehler!
Billy Eichner is a crazy man who enlists celebrities to do silly tasks with everyday people in New York City.  In this case he and Amy Poehler brighten the spirits of New Yorkers on by yelling at them for not remembering Christmas carol lyrics correctly...
Most Honest City
Reader's Digest was conducting a study to see what the most honest city in the world was. They dropped wallets in 16 cities around the world in an attempt to find out how many would be handed in. The wallets contained a card with a name and phone number, a family photo and $50.
Keith Urban’s New Home Complete With Car Elevator
One of the toughest places to own a vehicle is New York City. Parking spaces are tough to find and garage rentals can set you back the same amount as you's pay for an apartment here in Buffalo. There is a way around the problem if you have enough money. reports that Keith Urba…