For The First Time Since 1989 The Oscars Will Have No Host
What is going to happen for the Oscars opening? After Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting duties at this year's awards show, the producers have been scrambling to find someone, but there's just not enough time to prepare.
So, they will have a selection of A-listers who will introduce vario…
Oscars Screw Up Big Time
So, here's what happened in the Oscars' 'Steve Harvey moment'.
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway present the award for Best Picture and Faye annouces La La Land as the winner.
The whole crew comes up and they begin the acceptance speech and many are in tears as you can imagine...
Emotional Moment
This deserved the standing ovation that it got.
Vice President Joe Biden came out to speak about the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign, addressing sexual assault and to introduce Lady Gaga as she took to the piano to perform "Til …
Leo's 1st Speech
His time has finally come.
Hard to believe, but Leo is taking home his first Oscar. It took five nominations during the Academy Awards, but Sunday night he won Best Actor for his work in  'The Revenant'. Following an extended applause, DiCaprio thanked fellow nominees, the cast and cre…

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