Where To Celebrate National Pierogi Day in Buffalo
It's a National Holiday right up Buffalo's alley!
Today, October 8 is National Pierogi Day and there are some places that will be celebrating! All over Western New York there will be deals celebrating everyone’s favorite Polish dumplings. Of c...
Spot To Get Homemade Great Pierogies In Buffalo For Easter!
If you're looking to get some fresh, homemade pierogies this is the place to get them just in time for this weekend! I pass the sign on Como Park in Cheektowaga and finally decided to buy some yesterday and they're killer good (usually we spend hours making them at home, but we decided to …
The Buffalo Pierogi Fest Is Actually Kind Of Expensive
In 2 Sundays, the first ever Buffalo Pierogi Fest is happening and you better really like pierogi for this ticket price.
Buffalo Pierogi Fest
Outer Harbor from 1PM-4PM
May 20, 2017
Your general $35 admissions Includes admission to the event and one pierogi from each participating pierogi maker, but that…