Plastic Surgery

Shaping His Body To Become Superman
He’s 36 years old and for the past 16 years he’s had 19 plastic surgeries to transform himself into his idol – Superman. Herbert Chavez of the Philippines has had nose jobs, lip liposuction, skin whitening, jaw realignment, pectoral implants and abdominal implants.
Stars Who Regret Having Plastic Surgery
When you have money, you can do anything, especially when you are in the entertainment business. Movie and music stars have to look good.  After all it's their job to look good. The best part is, their paychecks allow them to afford the finer things, including plastic surgery...
Celebrities With Bad Plastic Surgery
Have you ever seen a celebrity who gets a bit of plastic surgery done and then decides maybe more would be better?  Then after a few more operations, starts to look like someone completely different.  No offense to Kenny Rogers, but he doesn't even look like the Kenny Rogers we knew before...