He's really upset
Meet Zeke.  Zeke is upset.  He found out that Hillary Clinton was running for President and it ruined his day. may not be for the reason you think.  You see, he doesn't really care about her or her policies.  He's upset because he wanted to run for presid…
Too Cute
Oh the innocence of a child! He probably doesn't understand or care that he is standing in one of the most powerful offices in the world. He's just being a typical kid...probably bored out of his mind.
His father, a departing member of the Secret Service, was in the office to meet with the …
I Wish This Guy Was Running For President?!?! [VIDEO]
This year, more than any other, I'm paying more attention to the presidential race.  Maybe it's because I'm finally thinking like an adult.  Not that I wasn't for the last two elections, but things have changed for me.  I'm more concerned with the direction America is going and how either candidate …
Obama Delivers Good News At Tucson Memorial
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona has opened her eyes for the first time since being shot four days ago.
That was the good news that the president had to pass on during his speech at the memorial for those who lost their lives in the attack at a Tucson grocery store over the weekend.