Uber Says You Must Show Proof Before Getting In Their Cars
Have you taken an Uber in the past 6 months since the COVID-19 pandemic began?
The rule is that you must wear a mask upon entering the Uber car, but you know that not EVERYONE abides by the rules and things can get awkward. If you roll up to the Uber driver without a mask and try to get into their ca…
New Ride At Darien Lake
If you are looking for a new adrenaline rush--Darien Lake has a new coaster coming in the Spring! 'Tantrum' will open this May at Darien Lake and it will hit speeds of over 50 MPH.
Tantrum is a 98-foot vertical lift at a 90-degree angle, and then drops on a 97 degree angle downwar…
Boardwalk Carnival
Just when you thought Canalside had it all they go and add a carnival. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the Canalside Boardwalk Carnival 2016!
There will be 16 rides and games for people of all ages, and they'll have entertainment, food and a beer tent...