Selfie Mom
I'll never forget the day I offered to take a picture of someone who I thought was struggling to take a picture of them self at the mall.  At that time, I had never heard of a selfie.  Obviously, this was years ago.  Now, people are out of control with them.
We Gave Dale A Selfie Stick And This Is What We Got [PICTURES]
For Christmas my dad got us all selfie sticks WITH bluetooth! It doesn't get more 'Merica than that! As ridiculous as it is, it is fun to play around with. Clay and I decided that it would be even more entertaining to give it to Dale to try because we all know how good Dale is at selfies..…
Selfie Prank
Pranks can be very funny when you get the right people with the right prank.  They're even funnier when you get the same people over and over with the same exact prank.
Listen, I'm not against the selfie. I love taking them with friends at concerts or different landmarks and what not, but the "myspace selfiie" does seem to be getting out of hand.
This one dad captured his unsuspecting daughter in the act...

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