Photobombing Dad
The videos of soldiers returning home never get old! I love the creativity too. I'm sure they would be happy with them just walking through the front door, but when they surprise them where they least expect it... gah. See if you can make it through the story covered by abc11 in Durham, NC...
Soldier’s Tip At Restaurant May Really Tick You Off [PICTURES]
Instead of filling in a tip on their copy of their receipt at this restaurant this soldier wrote something instead: My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country" Unacceptable? This soldier does not represent the hundreds of respected men and women who serve the United States every day of our lives...
This Week's Hometown Hero
It's once again time for our Hometown Hero brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs Gaming.  This week's hero comes to us from Warsaw, NY.  It's Army PFC Robbie Blake!
Soldier return videos are always good for misty eyes, and there is no exception with this one!
Soldier Surprise
These always get me. I could watch these for hours because the ending is so heartfelt and the emotion is so surprising and raw at the end of each one.

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