GoPro In Space
If space was just a quick drive away I think it would be fun. However, you need to be super smart and healthy to go up there! But once you're there you get to do the coolest things!
Why Does The Sun Seem So Bright?
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the sun seems so bright lately, especially late in the day. I keep thinking I’m having some issues with my vision, or maybe it’s just that I’m getting a little older and can&CloseCurly…
Honeymoon To Mars?
Would you want to go to Mars? Financial tycoon Dennis Tito, who himself took a ride in space on the International Space Station, has unveiled a trip to Mars for husband and wife astronauts to launch within five years. They wouldn’t land on the planet, but come to within 100 miles of the surface of M…
Meteor Explosion Video
It's like something out of a movie. Four hundred people have been hurt by fragments falling from the sky after what appears to be a meteor shower over parts of Russia.