One-Eyed Surfer Dude
Well if this isn't the cutest thing!?!? Not only is this cat adorable but it's doing one of the most un-cat thing - enjoying water!
Nanakuli, which means "to look blind", was found on the street in pretty bad shape. Somehow Nanakuli was not only brought back to health but …
Snow Surfing On Lake Erie
I would probably lean towards stupid (but I'm not a surfer)... and I've seen people out surfing in a hurricane. Watch as two surfers take to Lake Erie at Sunset Bay right in the middle of the November storm. What do you think about it?
Incredible Video of Extreme Sports [VIDEO]
Have you ever tried any of the "extreme" sports? Mountain climbing, snow boarding, extreme skiing, skydiving, white water kayaking, surfing, motocross jumping, BMX or extreme frisbee throwing? Take a look at this video and check out what some folks consider fun...
12 Foot Shark In The Water With Surfers In California [Video]
In the past, I've mentioned my fascination with sharks.  They've got a weird effect on me because I'm scared to death of them but I can't get enough of the footage of them.  I love to watch them.  I would just hate to have a close up view of them without a glass barrier between us!  Check out the vi…