Did Liz's Turkey Call Result In A Turkey? [VIDEO]
When we visited Quaker Boy they us make our own Turkey Calls! I was told she made it so well they would actually be able to sell it! (Clay and Dale did not receive that comment, lol.) I decided to gift mine to a family friend who actually hunts turkey
Thanksgiving Fails [VIDEO]
Thanksgiving is all about Family, Tradition and especially Turkey. But sometimes things can take a wrong turn when it comes to cooking the big Thanksgiving feast.
Watch as these these Thanksgiving Failures highlight burning, exploding and overcooked Turkey's...
Thanksgiving Turkey Recall Is Hoax
If you have heard that there is a disease in turkeys and they are being recalled, you have fallen for a major hoak that is hitting the U.S. right before Thanksgiving and many news networks picked up on the lie.
According to the National Report:
The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been …
When Turkeys Attack
Thanksgiving is next Thursday (November 28) -- it's coming up fast. The turkey is the star of the holiday...and now they get revenge, LOL.
Check out these funny videos of turkey terror!
Tipsy Turkeys
It's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" things. A farmer in New Hampshire has been feeding beer to his turkeys with the hope that a beer belly isn't just a human phenomenon.
How To Season Your Turkey [VIDEO]
As I told you in an earlier post, we will not be doing any cooking tomorrow as we are going out for Thanksgiving. But, I do have two turkeys in my freezer that I plan to be cooking up within the next 4 to 5 weeks. I know for sure that when I'm off on Christmas week, I 'll be donning my coo…
My Favorite Thanksgiving Song [VIDEO-NSFW]
So what are you doing for Thanksgiving tomorrow? My family and I are going to a restaurant to celebrate our Thanksgiving. It's a new tradition that we started around 5 or 6 years ago. Of course there are pros and cons to going our for dinner on Turkey day...

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