World Series

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Win a ring, give a ring!
I love moments like these. Right after winning the World Series, in Game 7 in Los Angeles, Houston Astors' Carlos Correa was in the middle of an interview when he decided that he needed to propose with his girlfriend standing right behind him on the opposite side of the …
Scotty's Feud
Scotty McCreery was all set to see his beloved Boston Red Sox at the White House today, but it all went wrong, thanks to American Airlines.
What Would You Trade A World Series Home Run Ball For?
After the huge game 6 last night, the fan that caught the home run ball hit by David Freese didn't ask for money.He could have probably gotten a good amount of cash for it. After all it was the ball that ended up being the deciding factor in the Cardinals win over the Rangers in game 6 of the W…
Chicago Black Sox Scandal – Dale’s Daily Data
It gave major league baseball a black eye back in the day when it was America’s favorite sport.  And it came in the sport’s biggest event – the World Series.  Players of the Chicago White Sox were accused of throwing the 1919 series.
Ex-Mets Star Lenny Dykstra in Major League Trouble
Another former baseball star is in big time trouble with the law.  Maybe you remember Dykstra when he helped the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the 1986 World Series.  The 48 year old former ballplayer was already facing federal bankruptcy charges...