The Land of Lost Luggage
In my kitchen I have an area called the “land of the lost lids”.  It seems every piece of Tupperware gets separated from its lid.  It can’t be explained it just happens sort of like how socks disappear from the dryer.  This story from  …
A Close Call in Midair
Something you may not think about while flying...could another plane, or in the case two planes crash in to the plane you're on?  This story freaked me out. An American Airlines jet just misses two military cargo planes during landing last month.
Finally a List Buffalo Missed has posted an article about a Forbes magazine list of the most miserable cities in the United States and can you believe it, Buffalo was not on the list. I know, I was shocked too!
Chicago Car Salesman Fired For Wearing a Packer’s Tie
Chicago Television station, reported yesterday that a car salesman was fired because he wore a Green Bay Packers NFL tie to work.  The salesman told the station that he wore the tie in honor of his late grandmother, a Packer’s fan who recently passed.  She was bur…