The WYRK Toyota Taste of Country is just days away and is expected to bring nearly 30,000 people to downtown Buffalo. The biggest concert of the year in Buffalo is going to be an exciting time but if you are going, make sure to clean up your tailgating area, you might win $1000!

It makes sense and it's simple. Leave the tailgate or parking spot at Sahlen Field better than you found it! Not only will you win the cash, $1000, but you also win field tickets for NEXT YEAR's Taste of Country!

It seems simple, just clean up around you. But it is so frustrating when you see a pile of trash, cans and junk left behind by lazy people. One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is litter bugs. If you have trash either put it in a spot that is for garbage. Like a can or something. Or take it with you until you find a place to put it.

The Toyota Taste of Country is coming up and regardless if you get the cash from our contest or not, cleaning up your space before you leave is a big win for everyone!

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