The Tampa Bay Lightning is the new Stanley Cup Champion and the players did not wait to celebrate.

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Many who appreciate the way hockey used to be played, with fans and teams traveling, have said that the win should not be considered as valuable. The "Bubble Hockey" style had to be done in order to keep the players and the staff healthy and COVID-19 free. But was it as challenging as the old way of doing things? Either way, Tampa Bay is celebrating and it sure looks like fun!

There may be a day when we see some sort of championship in Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills are 3-0 to start the 2020 season and they have caught the eye of many NFL experts. Perhaps the curse can be lifted and they can find a way to bring home a trophy? Our celebration in Buffalo would look much different than a celebration in Florida but, assuming COVID will be handled by then, most al of WNY would turn out to party!

While we wait and watch the season unfold, hockey will also be waiting to resume. The season and camps would have started this month and it will be very interesting to see how the NHL can bring the entire league back to action.

Buffalo Sabres Goalie Masks

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