The big wave of NFL unrestricted free agency is over and that means we're setting our sights on the upcoming NFL Draft in late April.

There's a lot of debate on who the Buffalo Bills will be picking in the first round (25th overall), along with who they pick in rounds 2 and 3 on day two of the draft.

But while the rosters still need to be finalized, there's also moves being made with the rules and officiating.

One thing that was heavily scrutinized by fans in the league last season and the season before that, was the crackdown on taunting. It caused many 15-yard penalties that left fans aggravated.

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You can expect more of the same for games in 2022.

According to Tom Pelissaro of The NFL Network, NFL competition committee chair Rich McKay says that have heard "no feedback" from teams, coaches subcommittee or the NCAA that the NFL should ease off their stance towards sportsmanship penalties.

However, there will be added clarification as to why taunting penalties are in fact, taunting penalties.

I personally think the line was drawn too far in the way of crackdowns towards taunting penalties. The gray area is a big reason why, and perhaps the clarification will help the league solve the confusion.

I think you should let players have fun. Some calls deserve to be made, but many do not in my humble opinion. It won't hurt the game.

What are your thoughts on this?

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