Happy holidays to you from Taylor Swift! In an effort to spread cheer among her fans, the country crossover star filmed an acoustic performance of three hit songs for everyone to enjoy.

The short set was recorded live during Swift's 'Red' promotional live chat back in August. She kicked off the live music by talking about the process of writing her first single from 'Red,' 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

Swift explained that while she was writing with her two songwriting heroes, a friend of one of her ex-boyfriends walked through the door. Unfortunately, the country songbird didn't share the name of that particular ex-boyfriend -- even though we've all been trying to figure out who the song is about.

"He comes in and he's like, 'Oh, I heard you and blah are getting back together.' That was his opening line! And we weren't," she explained. "We had done that on, off, on, off...just the worst. And so when he left, I turned to Max and said, 'We are never getting back together! That's ridiculous!' And I told him the whole situation, so he looked at me and said, 'I know what song we're writing today.' So I got my guitar and it sort of just happened."

After that long (and adorable) explanation, Swift sang an acoustic version of the single, which nobody has really heard since she debuted the pop-heavy tune in the fall.

Then, Swift chatted about her inspiration for writing 'Treacherous.' "We wrote a song about when you're falling someone and you know it's dangerous, and you know that it could really, really, really, really, really just annihilate you if it were to not work out," she shared. "And it probably won't work out, but you go for it anyway."

After an emotional rendition of 'Treacherous,' Swift lightened up the mood by talking about hanging out with her friends this past summer, and how much she really loved being 22 years old.

"Twenty-two has been fun -- it's been so much fun," she said. "So I wanted to write a song about that."

As she sang about dressing up like a hipster, making fun of her exes and feeling confused and happy all at the same time, her audience consisting mostly of young girls had a good laugh. The slower pace of the 'Red' hitmaker's songs didn't stop anyone from dancing in their seats.