It goes without saying, Taylor Swift is probably the biggest act that country music has.  So, it makes sense that we give you a "wrap-up" of what's going on in the mega-star's life!!  Here we go....Taylor is being recognized for her behavior once again.  Swift finds herself atop the national League of Junior Cotillions' list of the "10 Best- Mannered People of 2012." Others on the list include...Justin Bieber, Matt Damon, Kate Middleton and Drew Brees  (See the full list here)

- Swift's single "Begin Again" made Billboard's list of the "20 Best Songs of 2012: Critics' Picks."  Her album "Red" made #5 on the "10 Best Songs of 2012: Critics' Picks"

- Taylor is planning on spending big money on a birthday gift for ?boyfriend? Harry Styles.  She's been looking for Beatles memorabilia for him.  Word is she's spending between $70,000 and $80,000.  Harry turns 19 on February 1st.

- Lastly....Did you know that Taylor keeps pearls in her purse. That's what she said in an interview with Web MD magazine.  Why??  Swift explains that she keeps pearl earrings and a necklace in her purse in case she has to dress up at the end of the day, but doesn't have the time to change!

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