Haha I fell for this. As I saw the picture I said out loud 'dang, I can't believe someone approved the middle finger picture.'

Some people think the billboard on Delaware Ave in Albany right by the 90 is disrespectful?

Low and behold it's actually the ring finger, so it's a nod to the middle finger, but really it's the wedding ring finger.

Some genius marketing team for We The People Attorneys came up with this talk-worthy billboard.

At first we were a little concerned about how provocative it was,” says Rose Szymborski, manager at the We The People Wolf Road office. "Some people weren’t too keen on the idea, but once they realized that it was not the actual middle finger, they realized what the actual message was.”


She says the company's interest in more provocative billboards began with one placed near the Saratoga Race Course during the 2018 summer season. That one read: "Didn't pick a winner?" It definitely worked.

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