On your way into work this morning, you may have noticed a Billboard about Jack Eichel. The best part about the whole thing? A New York Rangers fan bought the billboard. After all, can we please rip off the brand-aid. I know General Manager Kevyn Adams and the Sabers are looking for a good deal for Eichel, but is anyone else just sick of hearing about it?

The billboard reads 'ARENT'S TRADE REQUESTS A PAIN IN THE NECK? #FREEJACK'. Next to the words is a generic Buffalo logo.

It wasn't bought by anyone here in Western New York, but by some New York Rangers fans. Ryan Mead is the host of Blueshirts Breakaway, a New York Rangers podcast that bought the billboard. According to his tweet, the billboard will sit there for the next 2 weeks on the 190 right as you get off by the Key Bank Center. Anyone who is driving into the city for work will surely see it in the next few days.

Blueshirts Breakaway originally had another design, but it got denied most likely for trademark purposes. The original idea was the same phrasing, but actually had a picture of Jack Eichel on it as well. Of course, you know all of the drama surrounding the Buffalo Sabres and Jack Eichel with the mishandling of his injury. Rangers fans would love to see the Buffalo Sabres star head over to play at MSG and the Rangers.

The billboard will be up there the next 2 weeks.

The Buffalo Sabres will start their season against the Montreal Canadians on October 14.

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