New Billboard Trolling Patriots Was Bought By Buffalo Company
Northtown Auto, based here in Western New York, put up a billboard in the Boston area that said: "BRADY CANT SAVE YOU". The New England fans have been seeing it, this weekend and the reactions have been pretty funny. It started getting to close for comfort for Buffalo Bills fans on Sunday during the Bill' win over the New England Patriots 24-21...
Was This Billboard On The 290 Insensitive? PICTURE]
Harambe was the gorilla that was shot at the at the Cincinnati Zoo after a young boy fell into the exhibit and was dragged by the gorilla through the water. It became quite a national spectacle and even a debate about whether or not the gorilla should have been shot. ...
Bad Tonawanda Billboard?
Lawmakers want this taken down. It's a billboard in Tonawanda that is advertising an adult store on Transit Road by Wherle lingerie. Even the woman on the billboard, Ashley Alexiss, who is according to her Twitter bio, a plus size model responded on social media...
Most Downloaded Christmas Songs
Ok, Thanksgiving has passed.  We are now in the clear to start talking about Christmas music.  If you're putting together your playlist, what are the most downloaded songs of all time?
Billboard On 190
The City of Good Neighbors, you are being called. There are currently thousands of people needing kidney transplants in New York State including about 800 right here in Western New York. Sharon Weishaupt spent thousands of dollars for this billboard on the 190...
their motto
Want to know a surefire way that a band has arrived? It notches a Billboard cover story. That's what the boys in Florida Georgia Line have done. A nod from the music biz Bible is huge for the duo and in the accompanying feature, they reveal which acts they are taking notes on, their musical motto and more.

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