Northtown Auto, based here in Western New York, put up a billboard in the Boston area that said: "BRADY CANT SAVE YOU". The New England fans have been seeing it, this weekend and the reactions have been pretty funny.

It started getting to close for comfort for Buffalo Bills fans on Sunday during the Bill' win over the New England Patriots 24-21. It was a forced fumble by defensive tackle Justin Zimmer and stripped the ball from Cam Newton as they marched down the field with about 40 seconds left in the game.

It was not the most efficient game for the Buffalo Bills, but a win is certainly better than a loss, especially considering the amount of upsets that happened over the weekend in the NFL. Northtown may have been sweating it out because if New England would have beaten the Bills, their "BRADY CANT SAVE YOU" billboard would have completely backfired.

This isn't the first time that the people of Western New York have placed a billboard in the Boston, New England area though. Every year FOX does a poll on Twitter trying to find the NFL team with the best fan base. The winner, the Buffalo Bills fans, then got to vote on where they would love a billboard placed. It could be anywhere in America that says the Bills fans are the best in the NFL. Of course, why not troll the Pats?

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