New Billboard Trolling Patriots Was Bought By Buffalo Company
Northtown Auto, based here in Western New York, put up a billboard in the Boston area that said: "BRADY CANT SAVE YOU". The New England fans have been seeing it, this weekend and the reactions have been pretty funny.
It started getting to close for comfort for Buffalo Bills fans on …
9 Fast, Fun Things You Need To Know For The Super Bowl
Tom Brady for his 6th Super Bowl victory and 5th Superbowl MVP. No single player has gone to the Super Bowl more than this guy. Here's all of the interesting facts you want to know before the game.
Part of the halftime show, America The Beautiful' performers and the National Anthem sin…
Is Tom Brady Retiring If He Wins On Sunday?
I've been thinking about this--I almost don't want him to retire because I want to beat the Patriots WITH him around, not just when he's gone.
As the Rams and Patriots head into Atlanta for the Super Bowl, Tom Brady was doing an interview said that there's no way he's retirin…
Chris Hogan Thanks Buffalo Before Departing for New England
Is there a more painful team to depart to? Chris Hogan reached out to the Bills organization, his former teammates and to Buffalo on his Twitter to thank them for all the support before leaving to join the Patriots.
It's official, his Twitter profile and bio now changed to read Patriots – …
Obama's Patriots Jokes
I'm sure Buffalo Bills fans liked President Obama's deflated football joke a little bit more than the New England Patriots did.
Every year the team that wins the Super Bowl will visit with the President at the White House and Obama has had the pleasure to host the New England Patriots a few…
Funny Kimmel Video
Jimmy Kimmel is at it again he rounded up Massachusetts-bred celebrities like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Krasinski and Steven Tyler to play your typical Patriots fan, complete with thick Boston accents and a fondness for the phrase "f*ck you...
Fan Fight!
I hear it time and time again: “They need to stop allowing people to drink so much at football games.” And I’m sure I’ll hear it again after what happened yesterday (October 20) in New York at a Jets v. Patriots game.