The Buffalo Bills have officially won four straight games, after defeating the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, 27-21 at Highmark Stadium.

The win wasn't pretty. The offense struggled on and off, especially in the first half. The defense was mostly great, outside of one or two Patriots drives.

The win puts the Bills at 10-6 and they got help from the Baltimore Ravens, who locked up the one seed in the AFC and beating the Miami Dolphins 56-19.

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Miami is 11-5 and they next play the Bills at Hard Rock Stadium. That means whoever wins week 18 in Miami will win the AFC East.

We didn't know when the game would be played but as of 11 pm tonight, we now know.

Buffalo at Miami will close out the 2023 NFL regular season schedule. It'll be played on Sunday Night Football at 8:20 pm.

The Bills have not wrapped up a playoff berth yet. They do that (and the AFC East) with a victory, which would propel them to the number two seed in the AFC.

If the Bills should lose in Miami, they would need either a loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Jacksonville Jaguars to make the postseason. Both hold tiebreakers over the Bills in that scenario and Buffalo would finish as the 8th seed.

Simply put, the Bills have to win and take care of their own business to make the playoffs. The good news is that they will know if they're in the playoffs or not before kickoff on Sunday night. The Steelers play at the Ravens at 4:30 pm on Saturday, while the Jacksonville Jaguars play at the Tennessee Titans at 1 pm on Sunday.

The Bills can only be the 2, 6 or 7 seed.

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