We're four days away from the Buffalo Bills' wild card round playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

The game will be the fourth consecutive year that the Bills have hosted a wild card playoff game and probably the most improbable one since 2020.

Many Bills fans didn't think they would be a playoff team, let alone the 2 seed. Buffalo was able to win the AFC East vs. the Miami Dolphins in week 18, which decided the division.

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It's been highly publicized that the weather in Kansas City will be no joke. That's where the Dolphins will play the Chiefs on Saturday night on Peacock. The temperature for game time will be around 0 degrees, with a wind chill well below 0 and snow in the forecast.

However, while we won't be as cold, there is snow and wind in the forecast for Steelers at Bills this Sunday afternoon.

Patrick Hammer of WGRZ says lake effect snow is possible for Orchard Park on Sunday afternoon, with 20-35 mph winds. The lake effect band will be close or over where the game is being played.

The Weather Channel is forecasting inches of snow for Orchard Park and wind as well, which will have wind chills in the teens or colder.

The Bills are the better team but with snowy and windy weather, it makes it more interesting. We've seen weather make a game more of a toss up: 2021 vs. the Patriots (the wind bowl). The snow game vs. the Colts in 2017.

We don't know if it'll be that snowy but as we all know in Western New York, lake effect snow is tough to pinpoint and depends on wind direction and how wide or narrow the  band is.

We shall see what happens this Sunday.

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