Bills Mafia is less than content with the result from the Bills vs. Patriots game on December 12, and they are using their distaste for the NFL refs to make a change – for the better. 

It is ok to still be angry about the missed pass interference call on Sunday night. I’m still angry about it too, for the record. Unfortunately, we cannot change the result of the game, but we can use our anger to turn it into something productive.

The movement started with a donation from a Bills Mafia fan who actually lives in Massachusetts. His name is Hunter Schinabeck, and he is a lifelong Bills fan. Like most Bills fans, he was shocked and angry over Sunday’s call (or lack of a call) for pass interference, so Schinabeck took to social media to ask other Bills’ supporters what the fanbase can do to right the refs’ wrong.

One person suggested that Schinabeck could “donate to a blind charity, for the refs.” 

Thus, the chain of donations started.

Schinabeck found the Visually Impairment Advancement (VIA) on the internet, and once he saw everything that the charity has done for the blind, Schinabeck knew that he had to make a donation. He just made sure it was known that his donation was in honor of the NFL refs who completely missed the pass interference call. 

The VIA is a local nonprofit rehabilitation agency that helps people with vision loss.

The donations that have come in since Schinabeck’s first donation will do great things for many people around Western New York. The support from Bills’ fans have been immensely touching, and they have helped to supply services and support that make a huge difference for a large number of people.

A lot of the donations were for $17 to represent Josh Allen’s jersey number, and they keep coming in.

Buffalo is without a doubt the “City of Good Neighbors,”’ rising to the occasion to turn a negative into a positive.

Whether you want to donate $17 or $100, click here to donate to Visually Impairment Advancement

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