The Buffalo Bills are now sitting in a playoff spot after week 16 in the NFL.

The Bills won their game at the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday night, although the game was much closer than Bills fans wanted. The offense didn't impress to start and the three turnovers put the defense in tough situations.

However, almost everything went the Bills' way on Sunday (Christmas Eve).

The Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals all lost, which places the Bills in the 6 seed. They have a one-game lead on the 8th seed, which means as long as they win their last two regular season games, they will be in the playoffs and even could win the AFC East.

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As of Tuesday morning, the New York Times' playoff predictor has the Bills with a 89 percent chance to make the playoffs and a 21 percent chance to win the division.

The Bills win the AFC East if they win their last two games (home vs. the Patriots and on the road vs. the Dolphins) and Miami loses this Sunday vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

As for the playoffs, the more important game to win is this Sunday vs. the Patriots. If the Bills win that game, then they could clinch a playoff spot if the Bengals and Steelers lose. Cincinnati plays the Chiefs, while Pittsburgh plays the Seahawks.

If the Bills should lose to the Patriots, then they would have to win in week 18 at Miami, and at least have the Bengals lose, should they win vs. the Chiefs. The Bengals are the number one team to root against, because of the head-to-head loss a few weeks back.

Assuming the Bills make the playoffs, who are they most likely to play?

Pro Football Network has a playoff machine, which predicts the seeding, depending on what happens with each game in week 17 and 18.

Firstly, let's assume all the favorites or presumed favorites win out in the AFC (and those with AFC/NFC matchups).

Week 17:

  • Bills over Patriots
  • Browns over Jets
  • Ravens over Dolphins
  • Texans over Titans
  • Colts over Raiders
  • Jaguars over Panthers
  • Seahawks over Steelers
  • Broncos over Chargers
  • Chiefs over Bengals

Week 18:

  • Dolphins over Bills
  • Browns over Bengals
  • Colts over Texans
  • Chiefs over Chargers
  • Broncos over Raiders
  • Jaguars over Titans
  • Patriots over Jets

The Bills in this scenario would travel to Miami for the second straight week (the 2-7 seed matchup).

Multiple scenarios also have the Bills traveling once again to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs in the 3-6 seed matchup.

Now, what if the Bills win the AFC East?

The most likely opponent in this scenario is the Bills hosting the Colts for wild card weekend. That would be the 2-7 matchup.

However, the Bills could also host the Texans, Broncos, Bengals and even the Steelers or Jags in the 2-7 game. Basically, the Bills are likely the 2 seed if they win the AFC East. If they don't but still make the playoffs, it's likely a road game at Miami or Kansas City.

The Bills have to have the Ravens beat the Dolphins to win the division and it could very well means two home playoff games (at least) in Orchard Park.

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