The last time we saw Buffalo Bills linebacker Matt Milano on the field with his teammates he was in London.  But on Wednesday we got good news.

It's good news for Buffalo Bills fans to hear that fan favorite linebacker Matt Milano was back out working with his team again today. It's been 7 months since we've seen him in action.

Matt Milano was a monster before he was injured

Leading into the 2023 season, the linebackers for the Buffalo Bills were one of the biggest question marks on the team.  Would the Bills be able to survive without Tremaine Edmunds at middle linebacker.  Who would step up to take his place?  Would Milano have to carry a bigger load?

Within just a few short weeks, Bills fans could see that they had something special in their linebacking core with Matt Milano and Terrell Bernard.  They were tearing up offenses and not only holding their own but excelling.

Milano's year was ended prematurely

It was incredibly unfortunate that Milano wasn't able to finish the year.  He broke his tibia (the bone on the front of your leg just below the knee) during the game in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars and wouldn't come back for the rest of the year.  Bills fans were devastated.

The good news was that there was no ligament damage so it was just about healing the bone that had broken.

Milano is back at voluntary offseason workouts

He vowed to be back this year as if nothing had ever happened.  He's been rehabbing his knee and Wednesday he was back out on the field with his teammates for voluntary offseason workouts.

You can't help but wonder how that last game against the Chiefs would have gone if they would have had a healthy Matt Milano and Terrell Bernard on the field.  Unfortunately that's part of the game.

Maybe this is the year?

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