Taylor Swift's new Diet Coke commercial finds the singer in her element and in the zone, writing lyrics to her song '22' in her bedroom and while on a photo shoot, sipping a Diet Coke, saying the words out loud, scratching them on a notepad and playing with the melody. It give us a keyhole view into her creative process.

But what makes this commercial out of the ordinary is the fact that the scenes of Swift doing her thing are interspersed with regular people singing along to the finished product, after it has been completed and unleashed on the world.

The message is clear: Few things are as infectious as a Taylor Swift song. The spot presents the process from genesis to completion in 33 seconds. It's a clever sneak peek into Swift's songwriting, and of course, it promotes the soft drink.

Taylor Swift and Diet Coke want people to "Stay Extraordinary," and the clip is an homage to the extraordinary talents and skills of Swift.

The ad will make its television debut during 'American Idol' on April 11. Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery are also performing, so now you have three reasons to watch, in addition to country contestants like Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur!