Would you be mad about this?

School officials say that a 5th grade Michigan teacher made a poor decision and gave a history lesson, in which she allowed students to drink non-alcoholic beer.

Superintendent Ed Koledo said the teacher allowed Hyatt Elementary students in Linden to sample O'Doul's that had been brought to school by a student March 6 to represent ale common in the 1700s. The students were told that many people drank ale at the time because water was sometimes dirty or unhealthy.

The superintendent and school officials had a talk with the "usually responsible, reliable teacher" and discussed about how this lesson could have been taught without the beer and that there were other ways to represent the 1700 time era.

Students drank O'Douls Beer which, is advertised as 'non-alcoholic', in fact does have an extremely small percentage of alcohol. Still, in Michigan, giving O'Doul's or similar drinks to minors can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor.

The teacher was not charged in the incident and surprisingly, the parents were not angry by the situation either. Where it seems in this world nowadays someone is always mad in these situations, it didn't bother parents and no complaints were made to anyone. In fact, the students even brought some of the unopened beers home!

Would you have been mad?

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