Thanksgiving is Thursday and if want to do it right in Buffalo, here are some guidelines.

Buffalo,NY is unique for sure. There are things that we hold close and traditions that not many other places would understand!

  1. Thou shall aways pray for a Sabres or Bills win before dinner.
  2. Thou shall have Chicken wing dip for snacking
  3. Thou shall visit your local bar the night before Thanksgiving and see old high school friends
  4. Thou shall regret going out the night before
  5. Thou shall run the Turkey Trot
  6. If there is snow, go sledding at Chesnutt Ridge Park
  7. Thou shall plan Black Friday shopping at The Galleria Mall or Fashion Outlets
  8. Thou shall get Paula’s Donuts for family breakfast
  9. Thou shall get a 30 pack of Labatt for the family to enjoy while watching football and place it on the porch to stay cold
  10. Thou shall show up early to New Era Field to tailgate on Sunday and use leftovers for tailgate snacks.

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