Western New York doesn't have the real estate or architecture of say a Southern California or Florida, but there are some beautiful homes in the Buffalo region, along with some homes that boast a lot of space.

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According, Zillow, these five homes in the Western New York have the most square feet in space available on the market right now in the area.

Two are in Buffalo: the first is located at 619 Lafayette Ave. in Buffalo (10,791-square-feet). The second is located at 6 Lincoln Pkwy in Buffalo (10,186-square-feet).

One home is located at 68 Forestglen Dr. in Williamsville (7,932-square-feet).

One home is all the way in Wyoming, NY near Warsaw. Located at 1470 Route 19, it's listed at 8,224-square-feet.

Finally, there's a stunning home located at 6523 Boston Rd. in Hamburg. It's currently the biggest home in Western New York on Zillow at 14,156-square-feet).

Check out some of the photos below.

68 Forestglen Dr, Williamsville

1470 Route 19, Wyoming, NY

6 Lincoln Pkwy, Buffalo

619 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo

6523 Boston State Rd, Hamburg

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