Weddings always have a unique touch to them even though if you go to six in one summer they're likely to all feel the same. Whether it's the decor or how they're serving the food, weddings tend to follow the latest trends. 2018 will be no different for weddings! According to PureWow, you can look for these new trends when you're watching your friends and family say "I Do".


  • 1

    Statement Earrings

    Look for simpler weddings gowns that are accented with very bold and glamorous earnings.

  • 2

    Tiny Tats

    The growing trend of simple and tiny tattoos is spreading into the nuptials. Instead of rings or in additions to rings couples are making another forever commitment with small tasteful tattoos.

  • 3


    Many couples are opting for what people are calling microweddings. This ceremony is a money saver and includes just your parents and your "besties" in attendance.

  • 4

    Dogwood Blooms

    According to PureWow, "springy clippings are poised for a major bridal renaissance".

  • 5

    Pom-Pom Confetti

    I guess birdseed wasn't even 2017.... Look for pom-pom to not only be the new confetti but also as decorations, like aisle runners, for the ceremony.

  • 6

    Couture-Inspired Cakes

    Cake that doesn't look like cake at all. That's what the trend will be in 2018,  Fabric-like cakes.

  • 7

    Puff Sleeves

    Look for this trends in and out of wedding ceremonies in 2018. Not only will this trends hit the streets, but puff sleeves will aisle his the aisle.

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