Things are not always what they appear to be. Our eyes can deceive us. Folks in Vancouver, Canada are finding that out!

This item of art is called "Calm". It was made by the MadeIn Company, who explain this creation as:

...a fiction that uses subtlety and mistaken identity to prompt passers-by to reconsider their perceptions. At first appearing to be debris from a demolition or recent disaster, Calm is an installation that breathes life and ambiguity into a pile of bricks. So subtly that it is barely visible to viewers, the ruins begin to slowly move, creating a mirage effect. As implied in its title, Calm alludes to the stillness that follows a disaster, while simultaneously embodying the threat of latent and imminent danger that precedes a proverbial storm. The piece's ambiguity questions ways of observing, believing and understanding facts, reminding us that truth is not always what it seems.