While everyone is usually partial to their own country being the best, on paper that might not be true. U.S. News & World Report has released their annual list of the best countries in the world an you might be surprised and where the United States lands in the list.

The top county this year is yet again Switzerland. The publication says this of the top ranking country in the world,

"Switzerland has low unemployment, a skilled labor force and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country’s strong economy is powered by low corporate tax rates, a highly-developed service sector led by financial services and a high-tech manufacturing industry."

While Switzerland hands down came in first Canada wasn't too far behind with US World & News Report highlighting their  multiculturalism and high-tech industrial society. Here is the rest of the Top 10 list.

Top Ten Best Countries In The World

  1. Switzerland
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Japan
  6. Sweden
  7. Australia
  8. United States
  9. France
  10. Netherlands

The United States dropped one spot from last year to number eight in the overall ranking as well as two other categories (open for business and movers).However, the United States does land at number one for power, with Russia a close second.

You can see the full list and all of the category rankings like Adventure, Heritage, Cultural Influence and Quality of life, to name a few, at US News & World Report.


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