It was a sigh of relief for Buffalo Bills fans on Thanksgiving night. They handled the New Orleans Saints thoroughly in a dominant 31-6 victory.

The Bills offense and defense both played very well against an injury-depleted Saints roster, but the Bills suffered one of their own injuries on Thursday night, and it's one of their most important players.

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According to the Bills, all-pro cornerback Tre'Davious White is out for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs with a torn ACL, which he suffered last night in a non-contact play.

White played up against each team's top receiver and will be missed.

Third-year cornerback Dane Jackson will now be called upon to fill in for White. Jackson is a former 7th-round draft pick and was impressive in limited action last season, although he lost out to Levi Wallace for the second cornerback position in the 2021 preseason. Taron Johnson will likely stay at nickel corner, since that's the Bills base defense.

The Bills do play a lot of nickel and quarters defense, meaning they like to play a lot of zone coverage. White's instincts and talent cannot be replicated, but with the Bills defensive alignments and Jackson's ability to play in this defense, the Bills will not be lost without Tre.

It's a huge loss and will show up against top receivers, but fans should have faith in the rest of the secondary and defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier.

Wishing Tre a speedy recovery and a bounce back 2022.

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