Man, can you think of a night better for Bills Mafia than Monday night? Seriously, it was the perfect game for the Buffalo Bills as they blew out the New England Patriots, 38-9 on their way to a 12-3 record and now second overall in the AFC.

During the victory, Buffalo tight end Dawson Knox caught a pass along the Patriots sideline where he tiptoed for a first down.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick decided to challenge the play, saying Knox was out of bounds when he caught the ball. The play was not overturned and New England lost a timeout because of the failed challenge.

Belichick was caught along the sideline not long after talking on a phone and then slamming it down in disgust. It was put all over Twitter soon after.

My favorite part of this clip is the countless tweets made at Belichick's expense. Here are some other funny things that people are speculating Belichick was saying.

That video will be used for years to come. Seriously, it will be one of those never-ending gifs that people use for all kinds of occasions. Thank you Buffalo Bills.

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