We all know that the Erie County Fair is big, but just how big is it?  According to recent data, it's REALLY big.

As a matter of fact, it's the biggest county fair this side of the Rockies according to data compiled by CarnivalWarehouse.com.  The data shows that nationally, the Erie County Fair is 13th when it comes to attendance with the nearly 1.2 million people that attended in 2018.

And the county fairs that outperformed the Erie County Fair were mostly on the west coast which as Marty Biniasz points out, boasts a longer operating season and are in bigger markets according to WIVB,

“This ranking is something that the entire Buffalo-Niagara region can take pride in accomplishing. When looking at the ranking, you need to consider that the Erie County Fair outdraws most state fairs in the United States. The west coast county fairs that rank above us benefit from a much longer operating season and are located in top 10 US population markets.” - Marty Biniasz, Erie County Fair Marketing Manager


While the Erie County Fair is only in operation for 12 days in the summer, the three that outranked them operate for at least 24 days.

It's something to be proud of!  And...something to look forward to beating next year.


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