Facebook remained the king of all social media websites in 2013. While there were a lot less game invites this year, there were plenty of other annoying scams and trends to take their place. This is our list of the things that were most bothersome on FB.

  • Auto-Playing Videos in Your News Feed

    See how annoying that is? We set the attached video to auto-play. This is the newest and almost the most annoying of all items on the list (see the next item for the most). If you haven't experienced this yet, you will.

  • F---ing Bitstrips

    These were cool for about 5 minutes... it was the 5 minutes prior to every status update coming via Bitstrips. Some of you ruined it for everyone. To find out if you were one of the guilty parties, ask yourself if you have ever posted 3 consecutive Bitstrips. It got so bad that the app broke and was unusable for almost a whole week!

  • Like Baiting

    This was the year that companies really learned about "Edgerank," the formula by which the Facebook overlords determine how many of your fans actually see your updates. Once they figured out that "Likes" played a part of that - everyone went crazy. Our favorite is when they ask for a like on something totally inappropriate, like the one below.

  • Name a Movie Without the Letter "S" in it

    Much like the previous item, brand pages also learned how easy it was to get people to comment on their posts (another action that positively effects Edgerank). The "Name a Movie That Doesn't Have an 'S' in the Title" posts were super popular. People always seem really pleased with themselves when they solve a challenge fit for a 10 year old. The way things are going now, we wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years these are replaced by "Spell Your Name Without Making a Mistake."

  • Winning Lottery Ticket Trolling

    "Hey, guys. I just won the lotto. Share my photo and I'll give $1,000,000 to one of you." What he failed to mention is that by sharing this every one of your friends now has proof that you're a sucker... and that he didn't really win the lotto.

  • Bill Gates Scam

    The Bill Gates scam is the same concept as above, just 400 times less believable. It's painfully obvious that the piece of paper he's holding was wiped in Photoshop and someone typed a new message there. This one is clearly aimed at the elder generation, who are less familiar with the sarcastic nature of the interwebs. Over 2 million shares? It's hard to believe there are that many grandmas on Facebook.

  • This Only Happens Every 823 Years...

    These are the same as the two previous ones, but even less believable. To figure out whether this is valid just read the message below and then think about what people were sharing on Facebook 823 years ago. You feel dumb for even considering it don't you? Also, "fungus shiue?"

  • Repost Because God Saw You Read This

    And here I though God was more of a Twitter guy. Better repost this pic ASAP or He might not let you enter His kingdom. Can you imagine being at the pearly gates and them saying, "Your record looks good except that time you didn't share our Facebook post soooo..."

  • Share This or Grandma Gets It

    This is the most hardcore Facebook post of all time. Share if you don't want your Grandma to die? Ignore if you do? Dick move, Facebook. Dick move.

  • The Giraffe Challenge

    Most people got this stupid riddle wrong on their first guess, but I have no idea why everyone actually changed their profile pic to a giraffe for three days.

  • #Hashtags

    People started freaking out when they announced that hashtags went live on Facebook. For whatever reason, they're just not as fun as they are on Twitter. We've tried and it's just not the same. Sorry, hashtags. That hasn't stopped your favorite laundry detergents from using them though.

  • Selfies

    There is only one way to do a selfie right -- be a hot chick. Unfortunately, everyone from the fugly to the President were taking them daily. Seeing people constantly post pictures of themselves almost makes us long for the days of our news feed being filled with food pics. Almost.

  • Thankful Posts in November

    In November, you might have noticed an assload of people posting about what they were thankful for. You can thank pages like 30 Days of Thankful for that movement. Sure, it's good to be thankful for what you have, but when you start trying to come up with 30 different things, you're probably going to hit a wall. A good example of that would be the below status. The worst part about this one was when people would forget to do this for 15 days and post them all at once... ugh.

  • If I Get 1,000 Likes...

    This was pretty adorable the first time we saw it (below), but then it just got out of hand. Soon people were posting ridiculous stuff like their girlfriend would take them back after cheating for 10,000 likes. Yeah, because I want to help that guy out. If you're basing important life decision on how many likes you can get - you're too stupid to have a life. Eventually, someone figured out the ultimate response to these posts -- see that one here.

    Marisa Papile-Urbano, Facebook
    Marisa Papile-Urbano, Facebook
  • I Do Not Give Facebook Permission...

    People got real tough with Facebook after they heard FB could use your pictures for ads - which is a pretty broad misinterpretation of the actual policy to begin with. They all started sharing this statement thinking it was some legally binding contract. As if Zuckerberg reads every single person's update and says, "Oh, Jenny Schneckldorf from Worcester, Mass. doesn't want us to use her photo. Damn!" The whole thing turned out to be BS.

  • Are You My Friend?

    If you ever hung out anymore, I wouldn't have to validate our friendship on Facebook. Get over here and bring beer. End of story.


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