He started selling pizza out of his house. Not only are they the OLDEST in Buffalo, but they're the 6th oldest in the United States! It all started in 1927 after the family came over from Italy and needed to make money so, the Santora's started Santora’s Pizzeria Napoliatano.


According to Santora's site,

At this time it was not popular to be an immigrant and although grandpa got a job as a laborer, installing street-car tracks, he experienced taunts from fellow coworkers. Following this, grandpa vowed never again to work for another person. He and grandma, Maria, turned to making Italian cookies and candies in their home and sold them to local stores and on the streets. Eventually grandpa’s small family grew to a total of eight sons and three daughters. Grandpa then purchased a larger house was purchased at 259 Seneca St. A small store was then added to the front to sell the Santora family treats."

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