You may see them on your run or afternoon walk. Perhaps you even have one in your driveway or sidewalk or patio? I think every family needs one and if you ever sell the house, take it with you!

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We talked about visiting the house you grew up in on Clay and Company this week. There may have been some changes made by the new owner that you love and others that are not to your approval. But what about that concrete hand imprint the kids did?

I suggest that if you haven't already, you may want to have some concrete poured and let the kids put their hands in it. Make sure to include their initials and perhaps a date to go with it. Yes, you will always have photos and memories, but the kids' hands are only little once and as a father of three little ones, there is something truly special and innocent about their little hands.

It can be a very emotional experience to have to let go of the house you grew up in or started a family in. My wife and I purchased her grandparent's home. It was built by her grandfather and will always be special to her. It is the house that we brought our babies home to and the house that we are raising them in. I doubt we will ever leave.

It is just sticks and some paint. But it is the place where memories are made and why not set a few of those memories in stone!

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