The biggest party night of the year is on the way soon. The day before Thanksgiving.

It's time you get yourself ready.

Everyone has their own idea what works for them when you drink too much, you're not feeling so good and all hungover. Maybe it is McDonald's, maybe it is Vitamin C packs, but according to a new study published in the journal Current Research In Food Science, there's something new.

The ideal hangover cure is coconut water, pear and lime.

People always used to say that cheese, tomato and cucumber had the most significant effects when eaten alongside, but this new combo is much better.

A drink made of coconut water, pear and lime can boost the activity of two enzymes which break down alcohol inside the body, speeding up the morning after's recovery, researchers claim", according to the Daily Mail.

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Interestingly enough, coffee and black tea are some of the worst things that you can have for your hangover? Apparently, it will dehydrate you and make it even harder to get over your sickness. Think about this when you get ready to go out the night before Thanksgiving, Buffalo!

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