Everyone does it, you say something hoping to soften the blow but usually, the word is just a big bright spotlight on what you are REALLY trying to say.

1. Long Story Short...Chance are if someone has said this while telling a story, it is already a long story and they know it! Saying long story short, they are hoping that you are not checking out mentally.

2. No Offense...most times someone will say this after saying something really offensive to you! For example..."Your haircut is stupid...no offense"....um...No...I was offended! Just saying no offense doesn't give you the right to say anything you want!

3. I Don't Want To Be...(fill in the blank) But....Yea...whatever the "blank" word is, is EXACTLY what the person is going to be!  Examples...Mean, Racist, Rude!

4. I Don't Want To Tell You How To Do (Blank)...Yes, they do and they will!

What other statements would you add to the list?

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