This morning I came down to find that my son had gotten his own breakfast.  He was eating a Pop Tart quietly on the couch as I wiped the sleep from my eyes.  I had to do a couple double checks as I watched him eat.  I thought he was doing it wrong.  Turns out, the way he was eating it was smarter than anything I could have ever thought up.

Last time I checked, most people eat Pop Tarts with the frosting to the top.  He was eating it the other way with the frosting on his tongue.  My kids always have found an unconventional way of doing things.  But when he explained it, it all made sense to me.
He said, "You put the frosting side down because that's what you really want to taste right?  So you put that right on your tongue.  Otherwise you just get the other part."
It was brilliant.  I've been eating Pop Tarts wrong all these years and it made me wonder what else I've been doing wrong.